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Communication is essential in every field. When individuals communicate through the correct channel and there is a constant flow if information things are able to run smoothly. The communication channels used allow different departments to work together in harmony creating a synergy of operations. That is why the channel used should be highly innovative and adaptive to the modern world. Information is a key component in this world especially in the business and military world. When the correct information is offered at the right time withing a set of complete flows. The business community can easily use such information to create innovative ideas, expand their business, invest in a certain industry or reduce on some expenses. When it comes to the military correct flow of information allows the top commanders to prevent an attack before it happens, prepare their defences and also attack the enemy when they are not aware. That is why communication systems should suit the modern world in terms of actionable visual information that can be sent to various encrypted channels in a matter of seconds or minutes. There should be automated system that allow information to be passed from one person to the other or even department to department so that the recipient can act on it and make the right decision.

With the correct platforms various government bodies, businesses and departments can easily coordinate their activities with ease. The Ravn platforms provide the users with real time information, statistics and support to facilitate a more efficient and effective tactical communication system. All information should be relayed as it happens since actionable intel will allow the firm to work on the various items presented to them. The channels used should be secure and encrypted so that other individuals cannot intercept the information being shared compromising the operations. The gadgets used should be high end and utilize both the old and the new. This allows people to switch to various channels that allow constant update of what is happening when the modern systems have failed due to technical issues. It is essential to note that without a constant flow of information things are bound to go sideways leading to losses and also misinterpretation of what is happening currently in the real world. The channels should offer both audio and visual information on what is happening at the current time. The metrics should also be automated so that a pattern can be derived in a certain area.

The reports generated should be accurate and integration of the seamless systems placed in the firm. This enhances the critical delivery of information in real time. This is mostly attributed to the various innovation being made to ensure the gadgets used to collect information are more sophisticated and also smaller in size. With this in mind firms have an easier time in tracking what is happening based on the integrated systems and seamless communication flow being witnessed. At any moment the company has ensured that all parties have the right information based on the tracking on real time data.

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